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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mallorca-Part Two

We were determined 
to take in the 
like the locals on a day off..
shopping, eating, and
wandering with complete abandon...

so we stopped for lunch at a little bistro
opposite this gorgeous tree..
just salad and wine..

and watched the people passing by...

it was lovely to soak in the moment..

enjoying every delicious minute..

and then we wandered aimlessly
searching only for beauty and to be focused
on whatever we found..

which was an amazing museum..

and while we did not go inside
we marveled at the courtyard and the museum shop..

The museum shop was housed in here

and it was pretty magnificent..

next up..
we stumbled upon this glorious church...
and I am a sad tour guide, because I did not write down the name
of the church... 

but it was stunning...

I felt a great sense of peace...

unlike some churches...

and the tiny stoned walkway outside was lovely...

and the last sight to catch my eye..
close to the end of the day,
was this
verdant park with fountains...

we were so delighted with so many beautiful sights...

X marks the spot again...

a very good spot for reflection..
and for basking in the sun...

I hope you enjoyed the tour..
I just have one more place to show you..

but next week I will have some sneaky peeks 
from my new show

The Naturalists' Notebook

and I hope you stop back then..


Friday, March 17, 2017


Resists are so much fun to do...
they magically appear on the page..

I hope you try it out..

and as always
I am very grateful to your viewership..

let me know what you think..
and if you have any questions,
you know I will get back to you
as soon as I can!

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mallorca- Part One

It was a glorious day..
as you can see from my photos..

a bit chilly in the morning

but the sun warmed the day
and made for great photo ops

I was enchanted with the island..

but who isn't?

if you have never been to Mallorca
put it on your short list...

it is stunning.. old and gorgeous..
something for everyone...

I was delighted to find school children sketching
the Cathedral..

and many of their sketches were quite good..
they were attentive and engrossed in their work
and it reminded me of 
always carrying a book and sketch pad with me wherever I
went as a young girl...

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma
known locally
La Seu

is pretty amazing..

and while we did not take the tour,

we were wowed at the outside..

and the beauty of the view...

it is a gorgeous Gothic Cathedral...

with outstanding details

and has been kept in pristine shape..

Just waiting for the tourists ...
the buggy waits ..

but we opted for a long days walk
around town...

looking up

looking straight ahead...

and looking down.. 
magnificent stone mosaic work all around the front

swoon worthy...

I had so many photos that I will have to share
part 2
next week..

thank you so much for your loving support 
and as always, I appreciate your kind comments..


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Paper Quilts

ciao, dear readers...
here is my video 
Paper Quilting...

I hope you enjoy it..

Remember when you try it out
at home...
if you decide that you want more color
choose a print for the 
torn bowl piece,
I used a landscape in both..

and then the successive prints need to be in that
similar color palate
to keep the scheme cohesive..

have a glorious weekend...


Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Art Blogs to Swoon Over

Well dear readers...
I cannot believe how long it has been since 
I created an
ART Blogs post...

but since I am crazy busy in the studio..
I thought you might want to see a
few more blogs 
that give me art swoons..

enjoy and when you stop by
please leave them a little 
art love if you have the time
a simple comment 
is so 

I am off to the studio again..
I will have some sneaky peeks for 
you soon 
from my new series
The Naturalists' Notebook

and I am filming 
Art Quilts 
this week 
so I will see you soon..

ciao, dearhearts!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mono Printing, Dendritic Prints and more!

Ok dear hearts
so here is the second part of my
Mono Print

I wanted to show you
Dendritic Prints
and pulling a print from a stencil ...
which is so different from
simply stenciling on your substrate..

I hope you enjoy it and  if you like it
please give us a like..

We appreciate your subscriptions and 
I love responding to your comments...


Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Art Journaling Article


When I sit down to journal...
and I begin to write on the page...

I realize that it is all about me...

All About Me, Caterina Giglio, in Somerset Apprentice 2017

and in April 2015..
I just owned that thought..

I decided that since I was writing about all the things
that I was dealing with at the time..

that I would simply embrace that thought...

and found a way
to represent myself...

and illustrate the idea..

that there was no wiggle room..
it was all in black and white..

I am very grateful to
have the opportunity to work 
with everyone at 
They are so lovely to work with..
and again, I am in great company..

I hope you can
pick up a copy to read about how I created this

Ciao, ciao!!