Friday, February 23, 2018

3 Art Journal Prompts

Ciao, dearhearts..
blog post 
3 Art Journal Prompts
that you can use to create infinite

and endless spreads..


Let me know what you think and as always...
 I so appreciate
your kind viewership...
Thank you for stopping by the sweet life..

See you Tuesday ...
have a beautiful weekend
dear friends..


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mixed Media Portraits

I came to the
Mixed Media party
quite late..
by way of fine arts..
I had worked
with acrylics, watercolor and colored pencil..
all my life..

No literally.. all my life..
my father said I was born with a pencil in my hand, but it was probably
that as a baby and toddler,
 I was fascinated with his pens and mechanical pencils in his pocket protector..
he was an aeronautical engineer..
and he taught me so much about art..
and seeing..
as I look back on what he taught me, 
it was truly invaluable..

Caterina Giglio, The Rain Makes My Hair Curl, Mixed Media Painting

 mixed media
saved my art life..

I was really ready to give up 
when I took a book making class..
suddenly a light went on in my head...
and a new passion was developed..

art can be like that...

mixing media changed the way I perceived painting..

Detail, Caterina Giglio, The Rain Makes My Hair Curl, Mixed Media Painting, 16 x 20

in the past couple of years I began painting
and then one day

I decided to go back to portraiture.. since it had been something I found
not only engrossing, but challenging..

I was looking through my friend, Gina's selfies and I was 
immediately struck by the range of emotion that she conveyed..
so beautifully..

so I painted this first one below..

Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media Painting, 12 x 16, That Rat Bastard!

I see the goddess in everywoman as I paint her,
and a range of emotions that we all share..

Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media Painting

I have just recently finished the large piece which is 16 x 20 on cradled board
and it took me a good year to complete
in between so many other works..

I will add at least one or two more portraits of Gina..
as she is a lovely muse..

A few days ago,
dear reader,
 I began to paint a portrait of another friend..
her name is Ella,
and she is so photogenic...

the image below is right after I had knocked out the rough painting..
This is not a finished piece, 
but a work in Progress...

A Portrait of Ella, Caterina Giglio, work in progress

As you can see, the color is more defined and I am getting closer to finishing
the work..

A Portrait of Ella, Work in Progress, Caterina Giglio

of course I will share the finished work with you as soon as I am done..
They are all on cradled boards and Ella's portrait is 11 x 14..

and in the spare time..
I am working on my new video this week
on Journal Prompts..
and I will have my art journal pages ready to share next 

until then..
thank you as always for your kind attention..
I so appreciate you all..

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Universal Glue


The month of February 
gives us opportunity 
to muse about such things..

as I work on my art journal pages for 
and I am writing my annual love letter
to myself..

I realized in the studio the other day,
gazing around as I wrote..

just how many hearts I have,
 that others have given me..
and many that I have made myself..
for myself..

When I think of love...

I cannot wrap my head around
the allness of it..

the heart shape seems like such a tiny symbol
for something so great..
something so all encompassing...

for me, to try to define it, is to limit it
and to classify it would be an attempt to diminish it..

To use art terms..
I think that 
Love is a universal glue..
it holds everything together..
it keeps planets spinning in orbit
and concerns itself with the tiniest of flowers..

for me, it is in all the details..
and it can heal everything..

So as I celebrate 
Valentine's day..
I wish you love..
May you find many things about yourself
that are beautiful...
and may it all unfold in..


Friday, February 9, 2018

Ribbon Tied Books and Journals

There are so many ways
to secure your handmade 
gentle viewers..

I have barely scratched the surface..
let me know if you
are interested in hardware and elastics..
and I will create another

I have a long list of upcoming topics for videos..
believe it or not, I am already working on another 
tissue paper video..

experimenting with products..

upcoming videos include:

Creating the Perfect Travel Journal
Antique Photo Album Turned Travel Journal
More Mixed Media Textures and Backgrounds

Studio Tour
this time I will share all my current works in progress

but the next video will be

Art Journal Prompts..
and I will be opening my journals to 
use as illustrations..

Have a glorious weekend..


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mixed Media-Notes on a Dream

Notes on a Dream
was the title of my article in 
Somerset Studio
in the January/February issue
of this year..

Detail, Caterina Giglio, Waiting for the Rain.

and referred to the whole body of work
that I created for 
my last show...
The Naturalists' Notebook

Mixed Media, Caterina Giglio, 8 x 8 on cradled board, Waiting for the Rain.

as well as all the new pieces that you see here..

Mixed Media, Caterina Giglio, 8 x 8, cradled board, The Similarities of Life 

it isn't unusual dear reader for me to create
several more pieces in a particular series..
especially if the 
haunts me..

Detail from Love in a Mist, Caterina Giglio

as this one did..
the idea came to me in a dream..
and it would not let me go..

Love in a Mist, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media, 8 x 8, cradled board.

each piece represents to me the 
the beautiful imperfection
of life and the ephemeral quality of nature.. 

The Eternality of Life, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media, 5 x 5 cradled board.

but even more than that
they remind me to

A detail from The Eternality of Life, Caterina Giglio.

to get up and resurface in joy..
my time may be short..

Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media on cradled board, 8 x 8, A Petition To Time.

my life, 
may be just a quick season long..

The Shape of Things, Caterina Giglio, Mixed Media, 5 x 7 cradled board.

but I can focus on the beauty 
around us, and as an artist,
I must..

it is simply my calling to

and to pass it on..


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

January Art Journal Pages

If it is Tuesday,
gentle reader,
that must mean
it is time for another blog post..

with a new year

so I have decided to share the full spread at the beginning of my post
and to talk about how and why this spread came about for me....
Before and After...

as you know, 
I always create a self portrait for January..
I decided to paint
a quick likeness..

definitely not perfect..
but it goes with my "before"
which my mother rejected
because my hair was messy...

nothing has changed..
I am as unruly 
as my hair..

What you do not see in this spread ..
is the writing lying under the black background..
writing about age..

 self acceptance..

and rejecting a common belief
 that age is somehow a disease..
a problem..
that we must decline..
I reject all of that..
and more..

I have decided to live fully..
regardless of my age..
and see it as a blessing..

The ingredients this month are, black gesso, acrylic paints, personal photos, colored pencils, permanent chalk marker, decorative tape.  

work continues in my studio
on my little flower journal..

and I am undertaking a couple of new portraits..

I am also working on plans for my next video..
and chewing on ideas for new books..

there is simply no rest for the creative..


Friday, January 26, 2018

My Tissue Paper Technique

As promised,
here is my vlog post
where I share my tissue paper technique to make 
butterflies and dragonflies..

really anything else you want
to create that looks like a transparency..

I began this quest into using tissue paper, 
because I did not like the look of transparencies 
on boards..
they were difficult to adhere and were too shiny,
and I wanted something softer...

so after much experimentation, 
I came up with this technique
I hope you enjoy it

let me know what you think..
and as always,
I will be glad to answer 
any questions..

Have a beautiful weekend!!


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