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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Naturalists' Notebook

well gentle readers,
the show is finally finished and I will be packing shortly..

but I wanted to share a few things with you..
it all began last summer..

The Naturalists' Notebook, Cosmic Butterfly, top, L-R Let There Be Light, Flowering and No. 73

It was the sort of charming shop
that might just disappear if you turned away for too long.
It had a magical aura. I waked in and thought I saw an old woman
sitting at a desk, she smiled as I walked past but continued to read her book.
There were stacks of old papers, manuscripts, music and assorted documents in faded brown long
hand and old photos scattered everywhere.
Pots and pans were filled with lace trims and an old settee
called my name.
I sat and began to look through a dusty album,
the naturalists' notebook...
Perfect, I thought ... I had been looking for just 
such a something.
I paid the woman, who poked the money into her book and continued reading.
The notebook was a puzzle, there were no notes of nature, nothing scientific but instead, there were
drawings and paintings on paper...
And then I realized I had found an artists record of a natural adventure..
Each drawing labeled as Fig. corresponded to a work of art
and suddenly
I woke up...

the idea for the notebook came to me in a dream....

Artist Statement

The Naturalists' Note book was born in a dream, following an illness that left me unable to create. I spent many days watching birds, butterflies and dragonflies. My love of nature assisted me in my healing and followed me back to the studio. My aim has always been to bridge the gap between realism and abstraction, to illustrate relationship and to convey hidden meaning through symbols.

My mixed media pieces always elevate the mundane, celebrate the antique and express in rich layers. In this collection, I strived to create a sense of magical realism, where butterflies form mandalas and crows stand ready to perform magic. Though this is a documentation of personal growth, it is also a map of universal discovery.

Inside the Naturalists' Notebook.. Caterina Giglio

and I was excited to 
create something that held the inspiration
for each piece of work..

You can take a video tour
of the show below..

I had two antique journals, one was the Antique periodical holder
and the other one was a handmade book filled with pressed flowers.
They fit together as if they were made for one another..
fortunately there were many blank pages left in the flower journal,
and I began to fill them following notes in my studio journal...

 I created my first inspirational piece, or Note below
the finished board is on the left.

Cosmic Butterfly, on board left and Notes on Cosmic Butterfly right, above.

as I worked, I thought, 
why not put the notes in the show as well..
so this collection offers you a clear idea of my inspiration, as well as the finished piece..

 L-R bottom, Rooted, Endless possibilities and Freedom

I have been working daily on this show since 
and I am ready for a break
so I will be taking 
a blog and Vlog break 
but will be back soon..

We will 
live stream on FaceBook
May 5 
at the show,
 7pm MDT
and for those unable to make the show on 
Friday night we have a 
matinee scheduled for Saturday the 6th

The show is now open for 
Pre Sales and you can look at each piece on the Gallerie Page.

As always, I thank you in advance of your kind comments..
you continually bless me with your support..


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Art Journal Pages

Once in a while..
I ask myself some important questions..

Who am I now?
Where do I want to go?
What do I want to create?

I have found that reflection on these 3 questions
makes a huge difference
for me personally and my work..

I think they are my favorite journal prompts..

Thinking about walking into the future and
what I want...
personally and professionally..

feet came up for me a lot..
this month..

as did the circle..

finding myself in circular patterns..
and knowing I have the power to walk out
whenever I wish..

Ingredients: Paper ephemera, mono prints, wrapping paper, acrylic paint, handmade papers, pencil, colored pencil...

I have certainly changed a lot in the last 3 years..
in some ways quite radically..
but mostly I have found that I am returning
to that inner child..
the one who knew so much truth..

I want to be just like... 



Friday, April 21, 2017

Concertina Quote Book

 you have created lots of beautiful
monoprints, dendritic prints and resists..

how do you use them in your work... ?

here is an easy and fun project
 that will use up all those 
beautiful papers and allow you to use your creativity
in illustrating quotes or songs..

I hope you enjoy this and as always I thank you for your kind support ...

See you on Tuesday with my Art Journal pages..

until then..


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Book of Hand Dyed Papers

dear readers..

I decided to make a simple book out of all those 

yummy papers 
I made 
in my last YouTube

(to see the video, scroll down to the last post)

In the video

I demonstrated how you can make dots using an applicator bottle
and I decided to use that as my cover for the book

as you see finished above..

Blue berry stain above, on different papers..

List of Dyes

Red Cabbage
Red and Yellow Onions
Blue Berries
Red Wine
Black Beans

I began to make my book by ironing the papers
that I submerged..

I measured the cover and decided on the length of the book cover..
I knew I wanted the pages to show and stick out..

I glued a small scrap to the cover and back
as ana embellishment..

and I determined the size of the spine..
for taping the spine should be larger than a regular stitched book..

I used my trusty clothes pins to hold it in place..

a simple taped book..
is so easy..

just fold pages and tape together at the fold
as below..

I used a decorative tape, you could use washi, or whatever you have on hand

then tape them lengthwise into the book 
making sure to tape it into 

then I used a sharp edge to cut the little tag of tape off..
and continued to make signatures this way,
until I ran out of long sheets..

and then I simply used the the same process for singles, taping them together and 
and then taping them into the book..

to cover the tape up at the front and the back
I simply glued
a scrap piece and folded it over 

below.. the front piece..

and voila!
my new book of hand dyed papers..

if you decide to make it, remember that you must make sure the tape connects
with the spine..
if you tape a signature to another signature,
your book will fall apart..

It won't take a lot of abuse..
so if you want
something to use as a journal you will have to 
stitch it..

I will still
embellish it, 
but for now..

I will just enjoy the beauty of each
a beautiful book of scraps..

I am taking a much needed blog/vlog  break
for the holiday 

wishing you all a gorgeous 
and happy spring..

Felice Primavera!!


Saturday, April 8, 2017

Hand Dyed Papers with Organic Dyes

If you have always wanted
to try natural dyes..
to create hand dyed papers..

I have put together a little tutorial for you..
while there are countless 

fruits, veggies, and spices to use..

I used just a few to show you a range of color
beets, cabbage, black beans, yellow onion and blue berries..

On Tuesday, I will post
the papers and a project along with a comprehensive list of
natural products that you can
boil and simmer and use to dye, both paper and 
fabrics.. to use in your work..

I hope you enjoy it..
try it...
and let me know!

Ciao, ciao!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

March Art Journal Pages

I recently had a conversation with someone
making a career of art..

and I told her that I do not view this as a career..
I see it as a calling..
a way of life..
an expression of my soul..

Give yourself permission to speak your own language... 

my best advice to beginning and emerging artists..

speak with your own voice... 

find your own language
and speak it..

Ingredients: underpainting, green acrylic paints, collage, decollage, paper ephemera, walnut ink, acrylic paint, H2O's, dendritic print, pencil, china marker.

and be totally unconcerned with the art language of others..
as we know comparisons are odious..


Friday, March 31, 2017

My Favorite Mixed Media Backgrounds

Ciao, dear readers..
and now I can call you..
as well..

I wanted to focus on Art Journaling..
and since it is a HUGE topic..
I thought I would start with


it seems to be a good starting spot..
I will look forward to sharing about images, transfers,
prompts and everything art journaling...
but it is impossible to cover the whole subject in one little video...

so this is a beginning...

enjoy and let me know if you have
any questions..